Why Development isn't a Commodity

Learn what it takes to build a state of the art technology designed to dominate the marketplace.

The common belief is that software is getting easier and easier to develop, making it more difficult for a business to differentiate itself based on its software.

Startups costs are getting lower and lower, and a popular misconception is that all it takes to build a software company is to hire a low paid developer, labouring away in a third-world sweatshop for few hundred bucks.

If that's what you believe, we've got some bad news for you: your startup is almost certainly going to fail.

There's a huge difference in building the next billion dollar app like Uber, Stripe or Slack and merely launching a mobile app or a website. How you start it will determine where you're going to end up in your entrepreneurial journey. And the chances are already low - about 95% of tech startups fail.

So what makes a difference between software and a state of art technology? Download this white paper to find out!


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